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Two reasons to use a produce transportation service if you'll be selling your produce at markets

If you grow produce that you want to sell at markets, you should use a produce transportation service to get it from your property to these markets. Read on to learn why.

To keep the produce fresh and undamaged

The most important reason you should use this service is that it will protect your produce and ensure that it arrives at the market in fresh and undamaged condition. This is particularly important to note if you grow soft fruits, such as peaches, strawberries or plums, as these can bruise or get squashed very easily.

If you transport this produce yourself, you might find that you have to squeeze it all onto the seats and inside the boot. This lack of space, in combination with the bumpiness of the road journey, could lead to your produce falling onto the floor or in between the seats and getting bruised or squashed. Additionally, if your boot gets very warm or your car's air conditioning or heating system isn't very strong, the temperatures in your vehicle might result in some of the produce spoiling (particularly if the journey to the market is quite long). This, in turn, might result in you not being able to sell as much of the produce as you had wanted to.

In contrast, if you let a produce transportation service transport your fruits and vegetables, you won't have to worry about this, as the truck or van in which your produce will be transported will be spacious and the goods will be stowed inside it in a way that will prevent them from moving around and getting squashed or bruised. Finally, as most produce transportation vehicles have temperature-controlled storage areas, there will be no chance of your produce spoiling as a result of being stored at the wrong temperature.  

To save your energy for the market 

The other benefit of using this transportation service is that you'll have more energy when you arrive at the market. This is because the driver of the truck or van will load and unload your produce for you. This is important if you have a lot of heavy produce (such as watermelons or potatoes), as loading, transporting and unloading it could leave you exhausted when it's time to set up your stall. Worse, you may still have a full day of interacting with customers and processing transactions ahead of you. As such, if you want to be energetic and happy when chatting to customers and selling your produce, you should let those who provide this transportation service handle the lifting, transportation and unloading of your produce. Contact a produce transport service to learn more.