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Challenging Factors Faced During Truck Refrigerated Transport

Food products will deteriorate after some time. That can be brought about by the infestation of pests that cause spoilage. The methods used to store and transport food can influence its quality and safety. If you are a food handler, you should try to limit the access to the food products by harmful microorganisms. That is where refrigerated transport comes into play. Though refrigerated trucking can offer many benefits, it also has its challenges. Here are some challenges you will face during refrigerated transport.

Equipment Problems

Just like all other machines, the reefer equipment can stop working. Some common issues you may face with the reefer include faulty calibration and fluid leaks. The sensor and the seals to the door can also get damaged. Failing to deal with such issues quickly can affect the temperatures in the reefer unit. The consequence is that they affect the quality of your load. You can prevent these issues is by installing alarm codes. But you should not depend on the alarm codes alone. Hire experts to carry out regular maintenance checks.

Temperature Loss

Loss of temperature is the most common problem with refrigerated trucking. That is mainly caused by poor loading practices. Also, setting the wrong temperature at the reefer can cause these issues. Many people tend to load cargo into refrigerated trucks at the wrong temperature. When the temperature level goes to the point that the food cannot tolerate, it affects the quality. That may prevent the receiver from accepting the food. 

Mistakes from the Driver

Training is critical before a driver starts operating a refrigerated truck. That way, they will know how to set the right controls for their units. Drivers need to understand when they should use the start-stop mode and when they should allow the unit to run in continuous mode. Also, a driver without proper training will not know the best way to respond to the alarm codes. During training, these drivers are taught how to inspect the load they are handling. That way, they will identify anything that may cause problems during transportation.


Refrigerated transport offers many benefits when handled in the right way. However, some challenges may occur during the process. The best way to avoid costly mistakes is by finding out the best food practices when using refrigeration trucks. Working with experts in the field will also minimise the chances of making any errors.