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Do You Have the Capability to Manage an Oversize Load?

Every day, millions of dollars' worth of goods are moved by road across Australia. Usually, these loads are carried in conventional trucks, whether they be small rigid box vans or heavyweight road trains. However, sometimes it is necessary to move equipment that is much larger than can be accommodated in such a traditional vehicle and you may be faced with this challenge right now. You understand that you need to put in place additional measures if you are to transport your load effectively, but is this something that you can take on yourself, and if so, what do you need to think about?


Australian roads are not, in general, designed to accommodate very large vehicles over and above those certified for everyday use. This means that if you are to move some equipment that is much larger than average, you have to make special arrangements.

Getting Approval

For example, you will have to plan your route very carefully to make sure that the vehicle will be able to manoeuvre the various twists and turns along the way. You may need to get a special permit from the authorities along that route, and especially if you will need any type of road closure to accommodate the movement. Don't be surprised if the local council planners will want to get involved in your work and have some input into how things progress. They will be especially interested if any of the goods you are carrying are classified as "dangerous" by government regulation.

You will almost always have to work with police forces as well, and their seal of approval will be required before you can get a permit from the regulator. All of these individuals will want to know whether you have both the skill and the capability to perform this task and you need to make sure that your documentation can back this up.


Much will, of course, depend on the dimensions of the item or items you're carrying. You may not be able to use conventional tractors and trailers, simply because your load will not fit. Do you have any staff drivers with the capacity to undertake this project, or will they need additional training to help them haul an oversize load?

The Better Route

You will also have to oversee the departure and arrival staff to make sure that they can make the load both safe and secure for its journey. Everything will have to be loaded properly and secured with proper restraints, and you may need to have all this inspected, with associated documentation, before you can get the green light.

All of this adds up to a lot of responsibility, and you will probably be better off outsourcing this task to a heavy haulage company instead. They will have been through this entire process before and will be aware of any pitfalls along the way. Consequently, you can ensure that your oversize load gets to its destination, while you sleep soundly at night.