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The Right Questions to Ask When Considering a Heavy Haulage Company

A heavy haulage company is needed when you want to transport something that is bigger or heavier than what will fit on a standard truck. This can mean haulage for one particular shipment, such as when you want to move a ship that needs repairs from the dock to a shipyard, or regular haulage, such as when your shipbuilding company needs to deliver those new ships to the docks! Whatever your needs for a heavy haulage company, since your transport will be a bit different than standard freight, note a few questions to ask to ensure you hire the right company and your shipment is protected.

Can they offer tie-downs and other specific safety equipment for your freight?

You may want to provide your own tie-downs for freight to ensure it's safe and not damaged by chains or other such materials, but a good heavy haulage company should also have their own recommendations and equipment for keeping your items secure. Note that this might be different for different types of freight; larger chains may be needed to keep a ship secure as it's being towed, whereas leather straps and softer materials might be needed for robotics and other such machinery. Ask your heavy haulage company about what they can offer and would recommend so you know they have experience in keeping items like yours secure.

Ask if your shipment will be delayed due to its size or weight

Your shipment's size and weight may be fine to travel on all roads, but the trucks used by a heavy haulage company might put your load over certain weight limits. Those trucks might also be too large to go under certain highway overpasses. In turn, they may need to reroute your shipment so they use roads without overpasses and which don't have weight restrictions; this can then cause delays in your shipment. Be sure you ask about this; don't use the size and weight of your shipment alone as a guide for whether or not the most direct route can be taken for your delivery.

Can they offer assistance with bills of lading and other paperwork?

It can be good to have your heavy haulage company handle bills of lading and other paperwork needed for transport, as they may be more familiar with the paperwork that is legally needed. They can also ensure you have the right paperwork for crossing state or international lines, if you don't have a freight forwarder to handle this paperwork for you. Having your heavy haulage company at least assist with paperwork can ensure it's filled out properly and in order while your shipment is on the road.