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Tips For Girls on Hiring A Bentley Limousine For Prom Night

The fashion for end of school proms has spread worldwide in recent years, and making the grandest entrance of all is always at the top of prom-going girls' lists.  Hiring a chauffeur-driven Bentley limousine is a great way to impress your friends.  Here's some advice on how to make sure you get the limo you want, together with some tips on how to have a great prom night without breaking the bank.

How to get the Bentley limousine of your dreams

Quality limousines are very popular, so it's essential that you book early to make sure you get the one you really want.  Be sure to ask your school to release the prom date as soon as it's finalised to give you plenty of notice. 

The limo company will also need to know the venue of the prom and the time you want to arrive there.  They will also ask who will be travelling with you in the limo, so you'll need to know the total number of passengers, as well as whether it will just be girls or boys too.  This information means that the hire company can schedule the right size limo and guarantee its availability.  Bear in mind that if the limo is full, the cost per head will be cheaper, so try to fill it if you can.

Always research a few companies before choosing one and check online reviews of your proposed hire company.  Sometimes, other people's experiences can be invaluable when it comes to choosing the best hire company.

Always go and have a look at the vehicle you will be hiring before you book, so that you know whether it's the right size to accommodate your guests and is what you want.

Prom night money saving tips

  1. Prom dresses can be extremely expensive.  You could save money by renting one instead, bearing in mind that you'll probably only wear it once.  Online dress rental is usually the cheapest way to go, but be sure to order your dress well in advance; so that you have time to make sure it fits properly.  
  2. Instead of having your hair and makeup done professionally, you can save money by asking a member of your family to do it for you.  If you prefer, why not get together with some friends and do each other's hair and makeup using online tutorials for guidance?  
  3. If the DIY hair and makeup route is not for you and your party, discounts can often be obtained from hair and beauty salons for block bookings.  
  4. It can be great fun, and considerably cheaper, to create your own corsage.  Try using seasonal flowers from your own garden and using pictures in magazines for inspiration.