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What to Remember When Considering a Bus Hire for Your Group

A bus hire can be a good choice for any group that's traveling together, whether it's a travel group that is taking in some sights and sounds, or a work group that needs to attend a seminar. The bus allows everyone to travel together safely and, with its down driver, allows everyone to sit back and enjoy the ride or collaborate on notes and such. Note a few things you need to remember when considering a bus hire for your group.

1. Ask about baby seats and child safety restraints 

If there will be any children traveling with you, be sure you ask about baby seats and child seatbelts or restraints. Not all car seats will fit properly in a bus seat, and a bus might not have the right restraints or seatbelts for car seats or children. You may need to have special accommodations or choose a certain bus from a bus hire company if you need to bring children along with you.

2. Note if a bus hire company actually rents buses, or is a broker

Some bus hire companies are brokers, meaning they work with several other companies to bring together customers and bus companies. They may then charge a fee on top of what is paid to the bus company themselves. This can work for you as it means that the broker is doing the legwork of finding the bus size you need, the dates and times, and all these other details. They may also more readily answer questions about when it's best to reserve a bus so as to secure the best rate, or other ways to save on the rental cost. On the other hand, you may prefer to work directly with the bus hire company so you can save that broker's fee or ensure nothing is overlooked in your contract. Don't hesitate to ask if you're dealing with a bus hire company or a broker so you can make the right decision for yourself.

3. Ask how they handle drivers if you're driving more than a half day at a time

Most areas will have laws about how many hours a driver can actually drive in a day, and how many hours they need to be off before they can take the wheel again. If you're booking a bus for a long drive, meaning more than half the day, always ask how they handle switching drivers. If the bus hire company doesn't tell you how they provide a new driver after so many hours, such as making a stop at a depot, then you may want to keep looking for another company.