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Wine Tasting: Elements to Consider When Choosing Transportation

There are numerous wine tasting spots in the country to consider touring casually with friends or for an event. Basically, you can engage a wine tour company that will provide transportation means and a driver for your group around the local area. This is more favourable than driving without professional assistance because you will not need a designated driver from your group. When planning this type of tour, there are some important factors that you must consider for a successful trip. The most critical is the vehicle that will take you around the local wineries. Here are the primary elements that you should consider when selecting the ideal wine tour transportation.

Vehicle Sizing

The vehicle sizing is an important factor to consider early before making a reservation. Generally, wine tour transporters have a wide range of vehicles to choose from, so your choice will depend on the unique aspects of your trip. If you are travelling in a very small group, you can choose a SUV or town cars. For a slightly larger group, consider choosing a limousine since there are diverse sizes to accommodate different numbers of people. If you have a limited budget, a shuttle is an ideal alternative. Some companies will provide buses, but it is ill-advised to travel with such a large group. The logistics involved in organising people at every winery can be overwhelming and some spots might not allow too many people at once.

Vehicle Usage Aspects

You should inquire about the different aspects of vehicle usage when planning your trip. It is important to know whether the company will allow you to have the exclusive rights to the selected vehicle after rental. Basically, exclusive right means that the entire vehicle space belongs to your party even if there are unoccupied seats. This is critical if you would prefer complete privacy during the wine tour. On the other hand, you can reduce your costs by sharing the vehicle with another group. However, this is only preferable if your group is comfortable with strangers. You should also inquire about the time allowed per day for the tour so that you will plan your trip appropriately.

Additional Services

Finally, you should consider any additional services that are provided by the transportation company along with the vehicles. It is advisable to choose a business that provides complimentary water for the passengers. Some businesses will also provide picnic lunches at a cost; this is convenient if there is no nearby restaurant. Additionally, inquire about the possibility of attending wine festivals.

For more information on wine tasting tours, talk to a professional.